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When certifying interventions, FoodMed Certified utilizes the Validation Institute’s trusted framework and methodology for evaluating performance claims of healthcare solutions. The certification process evaluates whether the intervention is evidence-based and utilizes a valid scientific basis that is faithfully translated into the program. In addition, we assess whether the correct outcomes are being measured in a valid manner, including process and outcome measures, and whether appropriate surrogates are being chosen. Then, we determine whether there is a real change in the outcomes and whether it can be attributed to the intervention. Importantly, we also examine whether the claims made accurately reflect the change in outcomes. Finally, we will consider the level of engagement as a crucial factor when evaluating any program. By using this framework, we can ensure that the interventions certified by FoodMed Certified are of high quality and supported by reliable evidence

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Bridge the gap between medication and the use of food as medicine. Learn more about how your solution can become FoodMed Certified and the solutions that enable people to better manage their health through tools and nutritious food programs