The first certification and validation initiative for Food as Medicine programs

Empowering people and organizations with effective tools and proven data to facilitate informed decision making that drives better health, more active lifestyles, and positive outcomes.

Founding Members

We thank the Founding Members of FoodMed Certified for their commitment and support

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Our mission

Our mission is to promote the use of food as medicine in the prevention and intervention of illness by validating proven solutions that enable people to better manage their health through tools and nutritious food programs.

A person holding a heart-shaped wooden bowl filled with colorful fruits including green and red apples, an orange, grapes, and a banana, with a stethoscope and glucose meter in the background.


Taking a Food as Medicine Approach to Nurture Healthy Lifestyles and Create a Culture of Health

Hear from the founding members of FoodMed Certified on the challenges and opportunities associated with food as medicine programs and how roll out them out at-scale.

Certified Programs

FoodMed Certified utilizes the Validation Institute’s trusted framework and methodology for evaluating performance claims of healthcare solutions.


FoodMed Certified collaborates with the media to disseminate information derived from our research, corporate partnerships, expert opinions, and scientific sponsors. 


Join us at the Food as Medicine Strategy Summit at the 2024 Healthcare Innovation Congress for exclusive FoodMed Certified sessions that cover how dietary changes and access to healthier foods can not only create better health outcomes, but also play an invaluable role in preventing chronic disease, personalizing treatments, and mitigating food security issues.     

Special Report

Financial Innovations Lab: Market Solutions for Scaling Food Is Medicine Prescriptions

This report summarizes the research and key findings of a Milken Institute Financial Innovations Lab, which leveraged the expertise of more than 70 experts in health, food, policy, and tech to determine areas of technology solutions, funding priority, and investment vehicles to help finance Food Is Medicine prescription efforts.

Source: Milken Institute