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FoodMed Certified’s mission

Our mission is to promote the use of food as medicine in the prevention and intervention of illness by validating proven solutions that enable people to better manage their health through tools and nutritious food programs.
We are committed to helping companies and people make informed decisions by providing them with the necessary information about the effectiveness of programs that aid in preventing, treating, and managing diseases and building food security. By relieving companies of the burden of creating such programs themselves and promoting transparency, we strive to instill more confidence in decision-making, leading to better health outcomes for all.

About Validation Institute and FoodMed Certified

FoodMed Certified, a Validation Institute (VI) program, vets and verifies the effectiveness of nutritional programs and tools that enable individuals and employers to manage their health and healthcare solutions. By leveraging VI’s validation process for its Food as Medicine program, FoodMed Certified brings transparency to the market by delivering unbiased insights into effective nutritional programs. Validation Institute is a membership organization comprising healthcare vendors, benefits advisors, and managers that offers unbiased, data-driven insights on healthcare solutions and services to drive transparency and cost-savings.

This approach highlights the significance of utilizing data-driven solutions to bring about positive change and encourage healthy habits.

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